Planning Your Workforce

Drawing on a regional population of over 180,000, Albury offers access to a stable, cost-efficient and productive work force.

Major enterprises in the area report lower salary and wage overheads than their capital city counterparts. Companies also report greater operational efficiencies in terms of lower staff turnover, higher staff reliability and fewer industrial disputes.

Albury's main employment sectors are health care and social assistance, retail trade, manufacturing, public administration and safety. Albury's Economic Indicators Report provides a comprehensive breakdown of employment by industry sector.


Nearly 50% of Albury Wodonga's employment is provided by the retail, manufacturing, public administration & safety and education and training sectors, with approximately 30% of the workforce made up of managers and professionals.  The total Albury Wodonga workforce is 44,720.

Education, skills and training

With two universities and two TAFE campuses providing higher education and technical training, Albury has the education providers and local skills base to fill a wide variety of positions, reducing the need to recruit or transfer key personnel from the Capital Cities. We are also well serviced by national and local employment agencies to help with the recruitment process.

The 2011 census data shows that Albury's workforce is becoming increasingly educated at tertiary level. The most significant changes since the 2001 census are increases in the number of residents with vocational qualifications (+4,450) and a Bachelor or higher degree (+3,330).