Off-leash areas

Every dog needs the freedom to exercise and socialise with others. That’s why we provide five designated off-leash areas where your dog can run and play safely without endangering or annoying other people.

Remember: even in an off-leash area you have a responsibility to keep your dog under control at all times.

Painted pooches beautify park

The back of a netball shelter which borders the Logan Rd off-leash park has been transformed by artist Kade Sarte and the magic of his spray cans. The hope was to turn an ugly and badly defaced wall into something to inspire and delight pet owners walking their dogs in this dedicated off-leash dog area.

Kade has worked with council to create this mural which depicts two of the cutest and happiest dogs around town. He has chosen a green theme to fit with the environment and teamed this up with an abstract background of shapes to cover the large area.

The degree of difficulty in painting this wall was high because it is corrugated iron and has a rippled surface, makes the finished artwork all that more impressive. It is very hard to use a spray can tilted on its side, to try to compensate the lack of flat surface, and produce continuous, straight lines, let alone shading and the level of detail that Kade has achieved.

When you stand and look at the mural, change your position, move back and take it in from a distance, the realism of the dogs’ faces is incredible. Then, look at it closer up and you will see the detail of the spray can. A little insider’s tip is the use of the spray can lid to create the whiskers on the pooches.

When you really look at this painting it is a true work of art, created by an Albury local for us all to enjoy.

New fence, amenities at Alexandra Park

AlburyCity and Mars Petcare are joining forces to create a new space for dogs to run free in safety.

On 6 October, about 80 Mars employees will team up with AlburyCity staff to further develop the off-leash area at Alexandra Park in East Albury.

Council staff will build fencing around a section of the park to improve safety for pets and owners while the Mars team will install seating, dog agility equipment and plant trees and shrubs to beautify the space.

The project is scheduled for completion by November. Once completed, dog owners can bring their pets to the off-leash area where they can run and play, safe from traffic and other animals.

Logan Road off-leash Park - reopens

Logan Road off-leash area has reopened after completing improvements to the park.
These improvements include:

  • Installation of irrigation - to improve the turf areas during hot weather
  • Installation of bollards
  • Weed spraying

Some works continue (listed below) however these don't require the park to be closed.

  • Replacement of a section of fence between off-leash area and Bunton Park
  • Graffiti removal.

Where to find Albury’s off-leash areas

  • Oddies Creek Park

    Turn into Ebden Street, off Wodonga Place, after 200m, turn left across the small bridge

  • Alexandra Park

    Corner of Cadell and Keene Streets

  • Logan Road

    The off leash area is located next to Bunton Park, North Albury

  • Poplar Drive Reserve

    Behind Heathwood Park

  • Gordon Street Reserve

    Corner of Garoogong Road and Gordon Street

Exercise with your dog too

Off-leash areas are great but often what your dog really wants and needs is regular walks by your side. Dogs are social, pack animals and get a lot of security and enjoyment from following their pack leader – you! So don’t underestimate the importance of lead walks for your dog’s and your own mental and physical health.

Some dogs need more to do

Various types and temperaments of dogs need more challenging exercise.

Some dogs are the product of hundreds of years of breeding as working animals and can get bored and anxious if you don’t give them ‘work’ to do. Others are bred for hunting and need a safe outlet for their instincts to track and chase. Others are just extra-intelligent or highly energetic and need to be mentally or physically challenged.

Albury has a number of groups that run different types of obedience and agility training to meet these needs.