Your pet and the community

Responsible pet ownership and social interaction can be a positive experience for everyone. Our policies and services balance the needs of pets and their owners with the needs of the whole community.

Our Companion Animal Management Plan explains how we keep pets and people safe and sets out your responsibilities as a pet owner.

Your pet’s behaviour is your responsibility

You need to train your pet and supervise them at home, in public places and in the neighbourhood to make sure they don’t become a public safety risk or a nuisance to your neighbours or to the community. This is a requirement of the NSW Companion Animals Act.

Good dog citizens

  • don’t roam – so keep your fences secure
  • don’t bark excessively – so feed your dog regularly, make sure they’re getting enough exercise, and deal with any problems of insecurity or boredom (your vet can help if you’re struggling for solutions, or contact us for recommendations). For more information and tips on how to reduce barking head to the RSPCA. 
  • are always on a leash in public places other than designated off-leash areas
  • don’t leave poo in public places – so pick it up immediately, bag it and bin it
  • don’t behave threateningly – so give them proper training.

Keeping your cat safe

Cats make wonderful pets and bring pleasure and company to many families. However, if they’re not responsibly cared for and left to roam, they can:

  • Create a noise nuisance by fighting over territory or seeking a mate;
  • Spray their urine to mark their territory and may bury their faeces in the gardens of neighbours;
  • Get injured by cars or fights with other animals;
  • Have unwanted litters; and
  • Attack native wildlife.

With the right enclosure, toys and environment, your cat can live a happy and healthy life contained in your property.  
For more information about how you can contain your cat and keep them happy head to the RSPCA website or you can speak with your local pet store or animal behaviorist for ideas.
Cats must be microchipped and registered so if they do happen to get out of your property, they can be easily returned to you.

Pets other than cats and dogs

Dogs and cats are the most visible pets in the neighbourhood. Other animals – birds, guinea pigs, rabbits etc. – keep a lower profile but can also annoy neighbours with noise or smells if they’re not properly looked after. As a responsible pet owner you need to keep their enclosures clean and secure, supply fresh food and water daily and keep noise to a minimum.

There are special rules about keeping chickens, pigs and other farm animals.

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