Energy management

AlburyCity is committed to the long-term sustainability of the Albury community. Families, businesses and community groups are exploring opportunities to reduce the cost of their energy usage. 

There are some steps that can be taken to identify and manage energy usage by the household and by business. Also check out the funding and rebates page to see if you are eligible for any assistance. 

Energy Savings Action Plan (2013-2017)

In 2012, an Energy Management Framework was implemented by AlburyCity. The key objective is to provide AlburyCity with a pathway to achieve savings in operating costs through energy efficiency, innovation and design. 

The pathway is set out in - AlburyCity's Energy Savings Action Plan (2013–2017).

The plan lists energy saving measures that are to be implemented over the next four years and will be reviewed annually.

Progress of the plan

In 2013, detailed economic assessments of specific energy saving measures were undertaken on solar panels (photovoltaics), heating, ventilation and air-conditioning ('HVAC') assets and office lighting. 

The outcome of the solar panel assessment is included in the plan, with measures identified in the HVAC assessment to be incorporated in the 2014 review.

The Energy Management Framework requires AlburyCity to monitor the energy performance of its assets. A monitoring, evaluation and reporting system has been implemented to allow AlburyCity to monitor the use of electricity, mains gas (i.e. natural gas), transport fuel and LPG by its buildings, facilities and fleet assets.

Monitoring outcomes are included in the Sustainability and Environment Snapshot.