Monitoring and Reporting

AlburyCity is committed to monitoring and reporting against its environmental and sustainability performance - in particular on economic, environmental and social indicators as well as those identified by the Albury community and set out in the Albury 2030 – a community strategic plan for Albury.

Comprehensive reporting by AlburyCity is in line with the NSW Government's Integrated Planning and Reporting (IP&R) guidelines for Local Government.  A key element of the IP&R framework is the annual report , which must also include a State of Environment Report that covers issues identified by the community and included in Albury – Our Future:  a community sustainability strategy.

The Sustainability and Environment Snapshot is a summary document prepared under the guidance of the Sustainability Advisory Committee, which provides a snapshot of the full report.

AlburyCity's comprehensive reporting also includes other statutory or non-statutory reports on emissions, the environment, waste and water.  These reports relate to environment protection licences, monthly and yearly statistical reports, emissions reporting, energy performance monitoring, biodiversity, water contamination, effluent management, public health and development and growth in Albury.