Sustainability advisory committee

The Sustainability Advisory Committee was established in 2011 to provide direction to Council on sustainability and environment matters. Its terms of reference were established by and remain closely linked to Council’s commitment to meet community defined sustainability outcomes set out in “Albury 2030 – Our Community Strategic Plan”.

In 2014 the Committee switched its focus to raising awareness in the community on sustainability and the environment. Council seeks this to be front and centre of the Committee over the next 2 years, and seeks interested members of the Albury community to participate in a forum to raise, discuss and share information on sustainability and environment concepts, ideas and initiatives at a grass roots level.

Council’s Community Awareness Program on sustainability and the environment is informed by this Committee, through which it has been able to grow and expand over a range of themes – biodiversity and vegetation management; sustainable transport; energy, water and waste management; liveable communities and healthy lifestyle; climate change and adaptation; and importantly, methods to engage with the community including the business sector. Monitoring outcomes are released each year in the Sustainability and Environment Snapshot and in Council's Annual Report.


The objective of the Sustainability Advisory Committee is to provide a forum for members to:

  • Identify and discuss sustainability concepts, ideas and matters as they relate to Albury;
  • Enable collaboration and connectivity within the Albury community on sustainability and the environment; and
  • Provide a means for AlburyCity to monitor community perceptions and views on sustainability and the environment, and to incorporate these as necessary into its community awareness program.

Responsibilities of Committee

Committee members are expected to:

  • Utilise your networks to garner the views and perceptions of the Albury community on sustainability and the environment, and to contribute in a committee discussion on how these can be incorporated in the Community Awareness Program; and
  • Be a willing participant in a collaborative effort to promote and raise awareness in the Albury community on sustainability and the environment. This would be through a committee process that identifies, connects and promotes sustainability and environment initiatives in Albury.

The Sustainable Advisory Committee meets quarterly and minutes of the meetings are available upon request; please email

Every two years the Committee Members positions are resolved and Expressions of Interest sought from the community.

Expression of Interest

AlburyCity is currently calling for Expressions of Interest from the Albury community to join the Sustainability Advisory Committee for a two year period commencing in 2017. The Terms of Reference outlines the objectives of the Committee and expectations of Committee Members.

In your EOI please address how you meet the following criteria:

  • Demonstrable community connections in sustainability and environment in Albury;
  • A strong focus on sustainability and environmental education in two or more of the key focus areas of sustainability listed above; and

A capacity and willingness to use established networks to garner community views and perceptions on sustainability and the environment.

Expressions of Interest are to be submitted to AlburyCity by close of business 11 November 2016

Applications are to be addressed to the Group Leader, Natural Environment, and sent to:

AlburyCity OR
553 Kiewa Street
PO Box 323
Albury NSW 2640