Food and Drink

Good food safety is the foundation of any food business. Local businesses that serve food to the public are regulated by AlburyCity and the NSW Food Authority.

How we monitor food safety

We work with food businesses to improve hygiene standards through inspections and seminars. We also advise and approve new businesses, check for contamination, follow up on complaints and make sure businesses comply with the food safety laws and standards.

Food safety inspections

Our environmental health officers regularly inspect food businesses and advise them about hygiene practices. These inspections may include microbial analysis of food-contact surfaces and other possible sources of cross-contamination.

For advice on food safety or complaints about food quality, contaminated food or unclean premises, submit an online query.

Food-handling seminars

Our quarterly food-handling seminars are geared mainly towards volunteers but any food business operator is welcome to attend.

For more information about the seminars or to express an interest in attending, submit an online query or use the Temporary Food Stall Registration Form .

Name and shame scheme

The NSW Food Authority’s name and shame scheme publicises food businesses that fail to meet certain standards.

Setting up a food business?

The NSW Food Authority outlines the steps involved in getting approval to start a food business.

You’ll need to submit two AlburyCity forms:

For guidance on setting up and operating a food business, see our fact sheets:

Notify us of any changes

Please let us know by using the Retail Food Business Registration form if your business closes, stops trading, moves, opens another business, sells to a new owner or changes its trading name. We may contact you if we need more information. There’s no fee involved.