Griffith Street upgrade

AlburyCity appreciates that any project that involves the potential removal of mature trees is likely to generate strong community reaction. It's important that everyone understands that these decisions are not made lightly and that all options to retain trees are explored and that independent arborists are also engaged before a final decision is made.

Griffith Street is a small local street in central Abury and links Wyse Street to Albury High School.

The road is in poor condition and is scheduled for reconstruction, however this will mean that the existing oak trees, which are nearing the end of their lifespan, are recommended for removal.

The images below illustrate the current condition of Griffith Street.

Tree assessment

Prior to considering final road configurations for reconstruction, a tree assessment was undertaken by an independent arborist (Homewood Consulting).

The brief was to determine the health and condition of the trees, their remaining life expectancy and the impact the works will have on them.

The assessment was undertaken in November 2016.

Key points from the assessment include:

  • Thirty Trees in the street (15 each side)
  • Trees are approximately 90 years old
  • Overall the avenue is in poor condition
  • Over 73% of trees (22) have 10 or less years useful life and five have been identified for immediate removal
  • Heavy canopy lopping and pruning has been undertaken on many trees following significant large branch failures
  • The trees have surpassed their peak aesthetic value and are nearing the end of their useful life expectancy

Arboricultural report - Griffith Street

Reconstruction impact

Four standard road options were provided to the consultant to assess the impacts of construction.

Options included 8 and 11 metre wide roads with varied parking arrangements. To demonstrate the impact on the tree root zones on existing trees (based on 8 metre road width), a construction impact plan has been developed.

The arborist's report concludes that the upgrade of Griffith Street is likely to have a major impact on the trees and because they are in their final years of useful life, it’s proposed to remove them all to allow the road upgrade to proceed. New trees will be planted in their place.

Community engagement

To inform local residents of the impending road upgrade and the impacts, residents were invited to attend an on-site meeting. A meeting was also held with the principal of Albury High School.

Information contained in the arboricultural report was provided to the attendees. Discussion also occurred around what the residents would like in the streetscape including parking. Design options for the reconstructed street were discussed at the meeting.

Key points from the meeting are included in the meeting notes.

What happens next?

  • Road designs will be developed by AlburyCity's Engineering Group.
  • The designs will be distributed to the residents and the Albury High School Principal for comment
  • A Development Application will be submitted due to the heritage listing of the street
  • Construction is scheduled to commence early in 2018

New Trees

At this point in time the replacement tree planting species is unknown. It's proposed to plant advanced deciduous trees as part of the street upgrade. To get an appreciation of the streetscape in a few years photos of Lindsay Ave (Quercus palustris - pin oak) and David Street (Platanus orientalis - Plane tree) are shown below.

Suggested tree species include

  • Quercus palustris (Pin oak) - existing
  • Quercus coccinea (Scarlet Oak)
  • Quercus rubra (Red Oak)
  • Nyssa sylvatica (Tupelo)

Advanced Pin Oak trees planted in 2007

Super advanced Plane trees planted in 2011

Make a submission

If you would like to make a written submission regarding the project, please send to or post to 553 Kiewa Street, Albury by close of business, Friday 29 September, 2017.