Albury Waste Management Centre 

Stage 3 Construction – Push Pit and Weighbridge

The installation of a ‘push pit’ will cater for the general waste stream, that is, all material that cannot be recycled.

A push pit allows multiple cars and trailers to reverse and remove any general waste into a large concrete base. This is then pushed to one end by a loader machine and lifted into a bin for transferring to the landfill area.

This project will significantly improve the Work Health and Safety functions of the site by separating large and small vehicles, improving the traffic flow, removing potential flammable or hazardous products prior to disposal, minimise exposure for the public to large plant and equipment and provide additional opportunities for product recovery and recycling.

Construction of this project is scheduled to commence in April 2017 with a completion date late in 2017.

For further information contact Customer Service on 02 6023 8111.