Strategies and future planning

Integrated planning and reporting

In 2009 a new integrated planning and reporting (IP&R) framework for NSW local government was introduced. The IP&R framework required councils to prepare a long-term Community Strategic Plan (CSP) with a Resourcing Strategy, a Community Engagement Strategy, a Four Year Delivery Program and an annual Operational Plan.

In keeping with the IP&R requirement, AlburyCity worked with the Albury community to review the Community Strategic Plan in 2012, and the new Albury 2030 was adopted in February 2013.

Albury 2030 Review - 2016

Under the NSW Local Government Act, each local council must review its Community Strategic Plan in the year of the council elections. 

Albury 2030 is a community plan, not a council plan so it includes projects and responsibilities from many local and state agencies and stakeholders. This reviewed plan will guide council's decision-making, we will oversee its implementation and report back to the community on progress.

We have been reviewing Albury 2030 this year and had over 1,000 responses from the community and other stakeholders.  This information will form a draft plan to present to Council in February 2017. Keep an eye out for the Public Exhibition period to have a look at the draft plan and provide some more feedback before it is adopted as final.

graphic illustraing reporting framework