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Employee benefits

We value our employees and their contributions. When you work for us, you can expect a challenging and rewarding work environment and excellent conditions.

You’ll be valued

Valuing our employees and their contributions is one of our key guiding principles – and we take it seriously.

In practice this means a working environment that promotes your individual development along with corporate goals, recognises your skills and commitment, and motivates and rewards your efforts and achievements. Our reward and recognition framework has a range of benefits and incentives, including; skills-based pay increases, study assistance and performance bonuses.

We also recognise and value your priorities beyond work. It’s important to us that you have a sustainable work–life balance, so we offer flexible working arrangements, a nine-day fortnight and a range of leave options and support programs.

You’ll enjoy work-life balance

  • Nine day fortnight

    All full time staff have the opportunity to work a nine day fortnight.

  • Flexible work arrangements

    A range of flexible working arrangements are available to help you better balance your work and life priorities.

  • Purchased leave

    You can choose to purchase additional leave for a 12 month period.

  • Leave

    You will receive 4 weeks annual leave each year as well as long service leave after 5 years.

  • Employee assistance program

    We offer a confidential employee assistance program free to you and your immediate family for times when you need to speak to an independent person about work or other matters.

  • Paid parental leave

    Options available to suit different needs include paid leave from Council and the government funded maternity leave scheme.

  • Social club

    Our energetic and welcoming social club holds functions every six to eight weeks, plus mid-year and Christmas celebrations.

  • Health and wellbeing programs

    We run a number of programs to make sure you are in tip-top shape and stay that way.

You’ll have opportunity to increase your salary and progress your career

  • Skills assessments

    We assess each employee’s skills at least annually, giving you an opportunity to identify skills you have newly acquired or brought to the position and helping to identify your training needs for the next 12 months.

  • Salary increases linked to skills

    When you add to your skill set, we will adjust your pay to recognise your new demonstrated skills.

  • Professional development

    We will fully train and develop you to make sure you have the skills to help us meet our organisational objectives. We make sure you are fully trained to carry out your duties.

  • Career enhancement

    If you want to further your education and we agree that the study will benefit both you and us, we will help fund it.

You’ll enjoy great pay benefits

  • Annual salary increases

    We provide annual salary increases, effective from 1 July each year. The percentage increase is determined by the Local Government (State) Award.

  • Superannuation

    All permanent employees are entitled to nominate their own super fund or join the Local Government Superannuation Scheme. You also have the option to salary sacrifice part of your salary into your superannuation.

  • Salary packaging

    You can make arrangements to salary sacrifice your pay. This can be done for a range of benefits such as motor vehicles, employer-provided childcare facilities, employee superannuation contributions and IT equipment.

  • Salary benchmarking

    We regularly compare our pay rates with those of othercouncils and employers to make sure our salaries are fair and competitive.

  • Attraction and retention

    Specific incentives are used where we need to attract and retain key staff or where it is difficult to recruit to critical positions.

You’ll get regular feedback on how you’re performing

  • Clear expectations

    We let you know exactly what is expected of you in terms of both performance and behaviours.

  • Performance plans

    Each employee has an individual performance plan which is the basis of regular performance reviews. This plan is is linked to AlburyCity’s plans, values and behaviours.

  • Ongoing feedback

    We make sure you get ongoing feedback regarding your performance; whether you’re excelling or have some catching up to do. This is part of our continuous improvement focus.

  • Annual performance reviews

    Your annual review is your opportunity to reflect and receive formal feedback on the work you have done over the last 12 months.

You’ll be recognised and rewarded for a job well done

  • Welcome pack

    All new starters with AlburyCity receive a special welcome pack.

  • On the spot recognition

    We promote on-the-spot recognition of specific achievements or demonstration of AlburyCity’s values, desired behaviours and guiding principles.

  • Performance bonuses

    Staff are rewarded with bonuses where they consistently perform at an exceptional level and are seen as role models in demonstrating AlburyCity’s values, desired behaviours and guiding principles in all aspects of their work.

  • Service recognition

    We recognise loyal service from five years and then every five years thereafter.

  • Annual dinner for 20+ years of service

    We have a special dinner each year to celebrate new and existing members of the exclusive club of employees with 20+ years of service at AlburyCity.