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Albury City-Wide Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Study

We’re undertaking an Albury City-Wide Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Study and want your input. Our draft study locates areas of potential Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Sensitivity across the Albury LGA and provides a management framework that will ensure that development impacts are considered and, where possible, minimised.

We are seeking to undertake a more proactive and strategic approach to the understanding and protection of Aboriginal Cultural Heritage (ACH) in the Albury LGA.

The aim of this draft Study is to identify areas of potential ACH sensitivity across the Albury LGA in partnership with the local Aboriginal communities. Also, consider ACH strategically as part of a more comprehensive approach to facilitate better coordination and management, particularly in growth areas, and seek further investigation (where required) to avoid and/or minimise likely types of harm.

Scope of the draft Study includes the following tasks:

  • Desktop Assessment
    • Aboriginal cultural heritage literature review
    • Specialist geomorphology analysis
    • ACH sensitivity predictive model development
  • Aboriginal community consultation and engagement
  • ACH sensitivity mapping
  • Reporting and management recommendations

The draft study was prepared by Jacobs Group and is now on public exhibition for comment.

Information available

Draft documents are available as part of this formal public exhibition (formal opportunity for engagement) and can be viewed at the AlburyCity Customer Service Centre (Administration Building), LibraryMuseum, Lavington Library or can be downloaded below.

ACH Sensitivity Mapping

The draft Study identifies a series of landscape features (including proximity to water, extant vegetation, vantage points and ridgelines, surface geology, other previously recorded Aboriginal sites and places) and has ascribed a value to these based on the likelihood of ACH being present. This has in turn informed the preparation of ACH sensitivity mapping (see figures 5.2-5.5 below) across the Albury LGA to identify areas of low, moderate and high potential ACH.

Figure 5.2: Aboriginal heritage predictive model of the study area (Albury LGA)
Figure 5.3: Aboriginal heritage predictive model of Thurgoona Wirlinga Growth Area
Figure 5.4: Aboriginal heritage predictive model of Hume Country Estate Growth Area
Figure 5.5: Aboriginal heritage predictive model of the Hamilton Valley Growth Area

The draft study provides practical management recommendations and assessment protocols for land mapped as having potential ACH sensitivity.

This project does not create any additional impact on the landowner and/or developer (including AlburyCity), instead, it seeks to identify upfront those areas where further investigation relating to potential ACH would otherwise be required.

Engagement activities - Community Information Session

As part of the public exhibition process for the Draft Albury City-Wide Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Study, we held a Community Information Session on Wednesday 3 March 2021, to explain the draft document and to provide a forum for discussion. A copy of the presentation is available here.

Our website will be updated regularly to keep the community informed on the project status and community information session material.

Our Integrated City Planning team are also available during normal business hours for individual meetings with interested community groups, land owners, agencies and other stakeholders.

For further information, please contact our Integrated City Planning Team on 02 6023 8285 or via email.

Public Exhibition Submissions

Submissions will be received until close of business (5.00pm) on Monday 22 March, 2021.

Submissions should be addressed to:

Chris Graham
AlburyCity - Senior Strategic Planner
PO Box 323, Albury NSW 2640

Email submission

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