About Council

Ours is a diverse organisation responsible for delivering a range of services to support and improve the lives of the city's 50,000 residents.

We strive to be progressive, proactive and, most importantly, easy to deal with.

We are committed to building and maintaining the city's commercial, social, cultural, educational, environmental and residential interests.

Our vision

AlburyCity – vibrant, rewarding and community focused.

Our values

  • Working together - I respect, listen to and value the contributions of others and celebrate our achievements.
  • Integrity - I am trustworthy, honest, accountable, open and consistent in all that I do.
  • Courage and Passion - I am enthusiastic and have the confidence to speak up for the betterment of AlburyCity.
  • Innovation - I seek to increase my knowledge through new ideas and continuous improvement.
  • Loyalty - I am supportive of others and committed to AlburyCity and the community.

Our guiding principles

  • Red carpet, not red tape.
  • We listen to our employees, value and recognise their contributions.
  • Sustainability and value for money guide our spending.
  • We work with all stakeholders seeking opportunities to benefit our community by achieving Albury 2030.
  • Our communication is planned, clear concise and consistent with the AlburyCity Vision and Values.
  • We respect and apply social justice principles including equity, fair access and participation.
  • Short term gains will not detract from long term financial and environmental sustainability.
  • We take responsibility for our decision and actions.