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Albury Riverside Precinct

This multi-million dollar project will provide spectacular riverside experiences including boardwalks, a floating dock, car parking, lighting, landscaping and new pathways along the river’s edge at Hovell Tree Park through to behind the Albury Swim Centre.

Official expressions of interest (EOI) for vendors wanting to trade at the new Murray River Precinct will open in July 2023.

If you would like to be advised when EOI’s are open, please email:

Hovell Tree Drive between the Wood Fired Oven and Mudges Canal is now open to pedestrians and cyclists.

For the duration of the project: 

  • there will be a reduction in car parking in the Albury Swim Centre car park;
  • the Wagirra Trail has been realigned from the Wood Fired Oven to the Bungambrawatha Creek Bridge; and
  • the road between Hume Street and the Noreuil Park entrance will remain closed

About this project

This project will transform a section of the river behind the Albury Swim Centre at Hovell Tree Park and will change the way both residents and visitors interact with the Murray River and its surrounding open space. The scope of works for the project includes the development of the following public infrastructure:

  • A boardwalk along the river
  • Jetty access and a mooring point
  • Formalising access to the river in specific areas
  • BBQs and picnic facilities
  • Built shade structures
  • Better car parking
  • Improved links with the Wagirra Trail, CBD and Hovell Tree Park.

We are delivering this project in partnership with the NSW Government through the Regional Growth Environment and Tourism Fund (RGETF) and the Public Space Legacy Program.

River Precinct plan a

3 April 2023

Timber decking on the boardwalk is largely complete and balustrades are going up. Landscaping is coming together in the adjoining spaces, with walking paths and seating for visitors to enjoy the riverside view. Next up is laying turf, constructing BBQ shelters, finishing planting, and installation of the floating jetty and pontoon.




3 March 2023

The steel installation for the boardwalk structure is well underway and timber decking is progressing well. Concrete paths in the adjacent landscape areas continues.

RivPre - 03-03

RivPre - 03-03a

27 January 2023

Contractors have returned to site with construction work recommencing.

9 December 2022

The water levels have now receded. The contractor has commenced a site clean up which will continue until Christmas.  Construction works will recommence in the new year.

14 October 2022

On-ground works have stopped due to high river levels. With expected high river levels to continue there is uncertainty around when works will recommence.



22 September 2022

Hovell Tree Drive between the Wood Fired Oven and Mudges Canal is now open to pedestrians and cyclists.  High river levels are impacting the progress of works.







9 August 2022

The cobblestones in Hovell Tree Drive have been cleaned. The landscape works and fencing are almost complete with the light poles scheduled to be installed later in August.




8 July 2022

Works continues on Hovell Tree Drive landscaping and elevated boardwalk on the peninsula.






1 July 2022




17 June 2022

The installation of piers is now complete. Landscaping, fencing installation and laying of cobblestones continues in Hovell Tree Drive and at the end of Hume Street.




20 May 2022

Installation of pier continues along the streambank. Tree planting and fencing has commenced along the Hovell Tree Drive section.




28 April 2022

The screw pier installation along the peninsula is complete . The installation of th steel piers on the main boardwalk has commenced.





14 April 2022

The concrete works continue along Hovell Tree Drive adjacent to the Wood Fired Oven.. The cobble stones have arrived and installation commence soon. The screw pier installation is well underway along the peninsula area while the piers for the Bungambrawatha Creek and Murray River confluence have been installed.





11 March 2022





4 March 2022



25 February 2022

The installation of electrical conduits is underway while the concrete work on Hovell Tree Drive continues. Rock revetment works in Bungambrawatha Creek continues.




18 February 2022

The first section of concrete has been laid in Hovell Tree Drive while rock revetment works is underway in Bungambrawatha Creek.





4 February 2022

Works has commenced on Hovell Tree Drive (excavation, drainage age and electrical conduits).


9 December 2021

Woks continues on the peninsula area with mark out of the boardwalk and bank stabilization works on the confluence of Bungambrawatha Creek and the Murray River.




19 November 2021

Stormwater drainage pipes and pits are installed. Works commenced on clearing the peninsula area



22 October 2021



15 October 2021

Demolition works continues with tree protection zones established.  Delivery of stormwater pipes and concrete pits occurred this week



8 October 2021

On-ground works has commenced with demolition underway.



10 September 2021

High water levels and rain has delayed the commencement of the on-ground works.



27 August 2021

The stream bank works are now complete. The Excell Gray Bruni are scheduled to commence the construction of the River Precinct in mid September.

RivPre - 27-08

RivPre - 27-08a

RivPre - 27-08b

6 August 2021

The placement of logs and rocks continues  in the project area.

RivPre - 06-08

RivPre - 06-08a

RivPre - 06-08b

30 July 2021

Weed removal along Hovell Tree Drive continues while  the placement of logs and rocks has commenced.

RivPre - 30-07

RivPre - 30-07a

16 July 2021

Weed removal along the streambanks continue while loads of large logs and rock continue to be delivered to site.

PivPre- 16-07

PivPre- 16-07a

PivPre- 16-07b

13 July 2021

Works has commenced on site with Soil Conservation Services undertaking streambank works including weed removal with streambank protection works (rock and log revetment work).

At the Council meeting last night Council endorsed Excell Gray Bruni Pty Ltd as the preferred contractor to construct the Albury Riverside Precinct.

RivPre 13-07

RivPre 13-07a

RivPre 13-07b

RivPre 13-07c

25 June 2021

Tenders have closed and are now being assessed. A report is scheduled to be presented to Council in July recommending a preferred contractor.

21 May 2021

The construction tender was advertised this week and closes 12 June 2021.

26 March 2021

Detailed design for stage 1 and 2 is complete with Stage 4 (Hume Street shared zone) underway. The crown licence application has been submitted. When the licence has been received the tender process can commence.

4 December 2020

Stage one works are complete under the Wood Fired Oven Project. The detailed design process for 2a and 2b are complete and seeking river authority feedback for the review of environmental factors.

14 August 2020

Group GSA are in the final stages of the detailed design process while the tender documents are being prepared.

25 February 2020

At the Council meeting last night Council endorsed the refined Riverside Precinct concept designs. The project will now progress to detailed design stage noting the comments received through the public exhibition process. Detailed design will be completed on all stages however only stages 1, 2a and 2b will be constructed as part of the Regional Growth, Environment and Tourism funded project.

Staging plan

1. Landscaping adjoining Hovell Tree Park shelter

2a. Riverside Precinct/promenade

2b. Peninsula

2c. Water Play (to be included in the Citywide Play Space Strategy as an additional stage at Oddies Creek Play Space)

3. Car Park

4. Noreuil Parade shared zone and market area

8 November 2019

The public exhibition period for the refined Riverside Precinct concept designs concluded on 1 November 2019. A report is being prepared for council which will outline the comments received and any amendments to the designs.

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