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SeatCare Trial

Have a child car safety seat you no longer need? Recycle it!

Recycling your car seat is free, but you have to be quick!

The trial only runs during February and March 2023

Don't miss out on this opportunity to recycle your used child car safety seat for free at the Albury Recycling Centre at the Albury Waste Management Centre.

SeatCare is a unique industry-led product stewardship scheme that is a national take-back and recycling program for child car safety seats.

The SeatCare trial accepts a variety of child car safety seats and associated accessories including:

  • rear facing carriers and forward-facing seats
  • booster seats
  • car seat and carrier frames, as well as strapping
  • items that attach directly to the seat or carrier supported by the manufacturer

Did you know that 90% of the material in a child car seat is recyclable?

Each year, around half a million used child car seats are discarded in Australia and most end up in landfill or at charity centres.

SeatCare aims to address this by providing a convenient and responsible solution for recycling used car seats. It will reduce waste by diverting old, unwanted and obsolete child car safety seats from landfill, and will also maximise child safety by removing potentially unsafe seats from circulation.

SeatCare is being developed by key industry stakeholders, including:

  • manufacturers
  • retailers
  • automotive associations, and
  • Kidsafe Australia

It has been co-designed via a collaboration between industry and government with funding from the Australian Government through the National Product Stewardship Investment Fund.

“Over time, the scheme also aims to help build local recycling capability and create employment opportunities through partnerships with community-based dismantling organisations and qualified recyclers of plastics and metals.”

SeatCare will run a trial during February and March 2023 ahead of a planned national rollout. The trial is being conducted to confirm the recyclability of car seats as part of the scheme and opportunities for improvement, as well as identify any changes in materials used to manufacture seats.

For further information, email SeatCare.

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