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Blaze: Working Women, Public Leaders

Blaze looks at a selection of women in the NSW public sphere over the past 150 years.

Blaze: Working Women, Public Leaders explores the stories of a selection of women from NSW’s past who were trailblazers in carving out roles for females in the NSW public sphere.
They were the first women to hold positions that had been traditionally occupied by men. These ‘past’ Blaze women led the way for others to follow and they re-shaped the institutions of the State from within. As ‘firsts’, their leadership enabled future generations of women to pursue opportunities that they themselves might only have imagined.
Alongside the stories of women from the past, Blaze: Working Women, Public Leaders presents the insights and perspectives of current public sphere leaders.
A number of themes emerge as the stories of working women past and present are told: Career and family; equal status/equal pay; gendered workplaces and the importance of education.
Dr Penny Stannard,
Senior Exhibitions Curator, NSW State Archives

Blaze: Working Women, Public Leaders is a touring exhibition from Museums of History NSW.

Image: NSW SAR  Blaze hero logo

Saturday 14 July - Saturday 14 October
Lavington Library, Northpoint Tower, Griffith Road, Lavington