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Building our City

Find out what current and planned works are happening in and around our city.

Updated Thursday 9 June, 2022
  • Urana Road – Road maintenance works through the Jindera Gap are in progress, along with road shoulder clean up and repairs.
  • Spurrway Drive & Clinton Avenue, West Albury – Lowering of services will continue this week.
  • Thurgoona Cycle Path – Finishing works were delayed due to wet weather.
  • Hume and Hovell Walking Path – Footpath repairs are ongoing this week.
  • Bus shelter upgrades in South Albury – This project is experiencing delays due to wet weather but will resume next week.
  • Watson & Wilkinson Streets –This week, replacement of the provisional speed hump with a permanent asphalt speed hump was completed.
  • Albury Riverside Precinct – Off-site steel, on-site fabrication, paving, and landscaping works are ongoing.
  • Thurgoona Oval Sporting Pavilion – Works have slowed due to inclement weather, however, internal rough-in is progressing.
  • Ernest Grant Park – Works were delayed due to wet weather.
  • Brooklyn Fields and Lipsett Sewer – Works were delayed due to wet weather.
  • Borella Road Retaining Wall – Workshop drawings have been reviewed, however, on-site works are delayed due to inclement weather.
  • Keene Street Reconstruction – Commencement on-site this week was delayed due to wet weather.
  • Ian Barker Fields – Project preliminaries have commenced with on-site works planned to commence on 22 June.
  • Union Road Footpath – The contractor has completed approximately 60% of the works.

You can find out more about our major projects here.

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