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Planning Controls

Here you'll find strategic policies, guidelines and framework that outline the requirements for development and land use in our city.

State Environmental Planning Policy

Find out the specific standards you’ll need to meet for your development to be undertaken as either Exempt or Complying Development.

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Albury Local Environmental Plan 2010

Understand the rules and guidelines we have in place for the control of development in our city through land zoning.

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Albury Development Control Plan 2010

Obtain detailed planning and design guidelines to support the planning controls set out in the Albury Local Environmental Plan 2010.

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Albury City-Wide Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Study

Our study locates areas of potential Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Sensitivity across the Albury LGA and provides a management framework.

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Infrastructure Contributions

Understand the relevant developer contributions and infrastructure charges on development in our city.

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Bushfire Prone Land

Identify bushfire prone land across our city and understand the requirements when planning a new development.

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Floodplain Management

Learn how we manage and meet our obligations for flood risk in our community.

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Heritage Conservation

Identify heritage areas and items in our city and understand the development process to undertake to ensure our rich heritage is preserved.

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Encroachment on Council Land

Find out how encroachment on council land is regulated and managed.

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Engineering Guidelines

Obtain the guidelines that assist with meeting engineering requirements and Australian Standards for developments and subdivisions in our city.

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